Rawhide Romance - Range Warfare

Stars: Jay Wilsey, Genee Boutell / Reb Russell, Hal Taliaferro
Director: Victor Adamson / S. Roy Luby
Runtime: 48 Minutes & 54 Minutes
Language: English
Color:  Black and White
Format:  DVD-R
Rating: NR
Price: $9.95

Rawhide Romance

Director: Victor Adamson

Buffalo Bill Jr. (Jay Wilsey)  ... Buck Cartwright
Genee Boutell  ... Patricia Whitney
Lafe McKee  ... Roger Whitney
Si Jenks  ... Cookie
Bartlett A. Carre  ... Henchman Hank
William Barrymore  ... Red Conroy
Jack Evans  ... Henchman Butch
Marin Sais  ... Mrs. Whitney
Clyde McClary  ... Ranch Owner
Ken Broeker  ... Sheriff

Buck Cartwright is the foreman of a dude ranch where someone is robbing the customers. Buck however has his hands full with the spoiled daughter of a rich guest, just after he has sworn off women. Can Buck handle the girl while still protecting the ranch from the bandits? 48 minutes

Range Warfare

Director: S. Roy Luby

Reb Russell  ... The Whistler
Rebel  ... Rebel, Reb's Horse
Lucille Lund  ... Sue Callahan
Wally Wales  ... Tommy Lord
Roger Williams  ... Jess Monroe
Slim Whitaker  ... Sheriff Curt Turner
Lafe McKee  ... Wade Callahan
Eddie Boland  ... Jack Brady
Dick Botiller  ... Little Feather
Ed Porter  ... Martin 'Deke' DeKalb
Gene Alsace  ... Jerry Blake
Chief Blackhawk  ... 'Injun' Joe

The US Marshall known as “the Whistler” arrives to investigate cattle rustling and ends up befriending suspect Tommy Lord. Meanwhile, the gang of rustlers and the crooked sheriff form a posse to take care of the Whistler. 54 minutes