Big News (1929)

Stars: Robert Armstrong, Carole Lombard, Louis Payne, Wade Boteler, Charles Sellon, Sam Hardy
Director: Gregory La Cava
Runtime: 66 Minutes + 22 minute short
Language: English
Color:  Black and White
Format:  DVD-R
Rating: NR
Short: Ask Dad (1921)
Price: $9.95

Big News

Directed by Gregory La Cava

Robert Armstrong  ... Steve Banks
Carole Lombard  ... Margaret Banks
Louis Payne  ... Hensel
Wade Boteler  ... O'Neill
Charles Sellon  ... Addison
Sam Hardy  ... Reno
Tom Kennedy  ... Ryan
Warner Richmond  ... District Attorney Phelps
Helen Ainsworth  ... Vera, Society editor
Gertrude Sutton  ... Helen
James Donlan  ... Deke
George 'Gabby' Hayes  ... Reporter Hoffman
Vernon Steele  ... Reporter
Clarence Wilson  ... Coroner
Fred Behrle  ... Elevator man

Tough, fast-talking reporter Steve Banks' career and marriage are on the rocks because of his drinking. But when he decides to make good by going after Reno, the head of a narcotics web, he may be in for more trouble than he can handle. 66 minutes

Included Short

Ask Dad (1929)

with Edward Everett Horton - 22 minutes