Sabaka (1954)

Stars: Nino Marcel, Boris Karloff, Lou Krugman and June Foray
Director: Frank Ferrin
Runtime: 75 Minutes
Language: English
Color:  Technicolor
Format:  DVD-R
Rating: NR

Price: $9.95


Director: Frank Ferrin

Nino Marcel  ... Gunga Ram
Boris Karloff  ... Gen. Pollegar
Lou Krugman  ... Maharajah of Bakore
Reginald Denny  ... Sir Cedric
June Foray  ... Marku Ponjoy, High Priestess of Sabaka
Victor Jory  ... Ashok
Jay Novello  ... Damji
Lisa Howard  ... Indria
Peter Coe  ... Taru
Paul Marion  ... Kumar
Vito Scotti  ... Rama
Louis Merrill  ... Koobah
Jeanne Bates  ... Durga
K.K. Sinha  ... Fire Dancer

Young Gunga Ram is an elephant trainer who is happy to serve the kindly Maharajah of Bakore. But his happiness will be shattered as a mysterious priestess spreads fear through the peasants seeking donations and followers for the fire demon Sabaka and her underlings murder and burn those who refuse to fall in line. Can Gunga oppose the priestess when his Maharjah refuses to acknowledge the danger? Featuring appearances of Boris Karloff and Reginald Denny. Full of excitement and thrilling wild-life, including mighty elephants and fierce tigers. 75 minutes.