Hotel Imperial (1927)

Stars: Pola Negri, James Hall, George Siegmann, Max Davidson
Director: Mauritz Stiller
Runtime: 84 Minutes
Language: English subtitles - Music score
Color:  Black and White
Format:  DVD-R
Extras: Just in Time with Snooky
Rating: NR
Price: $16.95

Hotel Imperial

Directed by Mauritz Stiller

Pola Negri .... Anna Sedlak
James Hall .... Lt. Paul Almasy
George Siegmann .... Gen. Juschkiewitsch
Max Davidson .... Elias Butterman
Michael Vavitch .... Tabakowitsch
Otto Fries .... Anton Klinak
Nicholas Soussanin .... Baron Fredrikson
Golden Wadhams .... Maj. Gen. Sultanov

Set early in World War I, Lieutenant Paul Almasy tries to escape to the Austrian army lines from Russian occupied Austria, but stops to rest at a small hotel. He is given shelter and protection by chambermaid Anna Sedlak. A Russian general makes the hotel his headquarters. Anna and Paul, who have fallen in love, agree to try to stop a dangerous spy and save the Austrian army and Paul's life.

Included short subject:

JUST IN TIME - Snooky the Chimp