Sold For Marriage (1916)

Stars: Lillian Gish - Frank Bennett - Walter Long
Director: Christy Cabanne
Runtime: 54 Minutes
Language: English subtitles - Orchestra music score
Color:  Tinted and Toned
Format:  DVD-R
Extras: Chaplin Short Subject - 22 Minutes
Rating: NR

Price: $16.95

Sold for Marriage

Directed by Christy Cabanne

Writing credits: William E. Wing

Lillian Gish .... Marfa
Frank Bennett .... Jan
Walter Long .... Colonel Gregioff
Allan Sears .... Ivan
Pearl Elmore .... Anna
Curt Rehfeld .... Dimitri
William Lowery .... George
Fred Burns .... A Policeman
Mike Siebert .... The Undesirable Suitor
Frank Brownlee .... Nicholas

This Fine Arts production is an enjoyable vehicle for perky Lillian Gish who is constantly fighting her unloving, unscrupulous family's efforts to marry her off to unsuitable mates.

54 minutes

Included short subject:

Behind the Screen (1916)

With Charles Chaplin - 22 min