Within Our Gates (1920)

Stars: Evelyn Preer, Flo Cloements, James D. Ruffin
Director: Oscar Micheaux
Runtime: 78 Minutes
Language: English subtitles - Pipe organ music score
Color:  Black and White
Format:  DVD-R
Rating: NR

Price: $14.95

Within Our Gates

Directed by Oscar Micheaux

Evelyn Preer ... Sylvia Landry
Flo Clements ... Alma Prichard
James D. Ruffin ... Conrad Drebert
Jack Chenault ... Larry Prichard
William Smith ... Detective Philip Gentry
Charles D. Lucas ... Dr. V. Vivian
Bernice Ladd ... Mrs. Geraldine Stratton
Mrs. Evelyn ... Mrs. Elena Warwick
William Stark ... Jasper Landry
Mattie Edwards ... Jasper's Wife
Ralph Johnson ... Philip Gridlestone
E.G. Tatum ... Efram, Gridlestone's Servant
Grant Edwards ... Emil Landry
Grant Gorman ... Armand Gridlestone
Leigh Whipper
Jimmie Cook

It tells a story about the African-American race in the early 1900's. Even then it was recognized that education was the key for blacks to move ahead. However, getting the funds for schools was a different story. Unless the reverend can raise $5,000 to supplement the $1.49 per child per year that the state supplies, the school will be closed. Sylvia goes up north to try to raise the money and has little success, but meets kindly negro, Dr. V. Vivian, who helps her regain her stolen purse. When she saves a child from being hit by an auto, the owner of the car is philanthropist Mrs. Elena Warwick, who is sympathetic to her quest and promises to donate the $5,000 to the school. Her bigoted southern friend, Mrs. Stratton, tries to talk her out of thedonation, and Mrs. Warwick gets so incensed she raises the amount to $50,000. Her job done, Sylvia returns to Piney Woods.

78 Minutes