The Return of Chandu the Magician (1934)

Stars: Bela Lugosi, Clara Kimball Young, Maria Alba
Director: Ray Taylor
Runtime: 210 Minutes
Language: English
Color:  Black and White
Format:  DVD-R -- 2 Disc
Rating: NR

Price: $12.95


The Return of Chandu the Magician

Dir: Ray Taylor

Bela Lugosi ... Frank Chandler, aka Chandu the Magician
Maria Alba ... Princess Nadji
Clara Kimball Young ... Dorothy Regent
Lucien Prival ... Vindhyan [Chs. 1-4]
Dean Benton ... Bob Regent
Phyllis Ludwig ... Betty Regent
Cyril Armbrister ... Henchman Sutra [Chs.1-4]
Murdock MacQuarrie ... The "Voice" of Ubasti [Chs. 4-12]
Wilfred Lucas ... Capt. Wilson [Chs. 4-12]
Josef Swickard ... Tyba, the White Magician [Chs. 8-12]
Jack Clark ... Vitras, High Priest of Ubasti [Chs. 4-12]

The Black Magic cult of Ubasti, based on the isle of Lemuria, believes that Nadji, a princess of Egypt, is a reincarnation of their long-dead goddess, Ossana, and intend to sacrifice Nadji so that Ossana may be resurrected.

Transferred from the 35mm negative

210 minutes - 12 Chapters