Dinah Shore Show & Patti Page Show

Runtime: 52 minutes

Language: English

Format:  DVD-R (region free)

Price: $12.95

Dinah Shore Show
Patti Page Show

THE DINAH SHORE CHEVY SHOW /THE PATTI PAGE SHOW – Dinah Shore and Patti Page make the perfect pairing--both were popular singers and entertainers, and really the quintessential female pop-culture figures of their era, pretty, soft-spoken, and funny, who were especially appealing in the midst of the last reasonably peaceful time that America thought it ever had. What's more, Shore was sort of cool in her own way, with a carefully self-deprecating humor. The DINAH SHORE SHOW features guests Wayne and Schuster (in a really good comedy sketch) and trumpet player Al Hirt, and songs include "I Ain't Down Yet."

The PATTI PAGE SHOW features Page and the Page Five Singers, with the Jack Rael Orchestra, performing "All Of Me," "Sentimental Journey," "Down In the Valley," "My Prayer," "Jim," "Rose of San Antone," and (natch) "Doggie In the Window."

52 Minutes - From the TV Days Collection