Whip Wilson Double Feature

Stars: Whip Wilson, Andy Clyde, Tommy Farrell, Fuzzy Knight and Jim Bannon
Director: Lewis D. Collins
Runtime: 63 Minutes / 54 Minutes
Language: English
Color:  Black and White
Format:  DVD-R
Rating: NR
Price: no longer available

Abilene Trail

Director: Lewis D. Collins

Whip Wilson  ... Dave 'Kansas Kid' Hill
Andy Clyde  ... Sagebrush Charlie
Tommy Farrell  ... Ed Dawson
Steve Clark  ... Old Man Dawson
Noel Neill  ... Mary Dawson
Dennis Moore  ... Brandon
Marshall Reed  ... Jack Slavens
Lee Roberts  ... Red
Milburn Morante  ... Cowhand Chuck
Ted Adams  ... Town Sheriff
Bill Kennedy  ... Rancher Colter
Stanley Price  ... Pursuit Sheriff
Lyle Talbot  ... Dr. Martin

The Dawson ranch is in trouble! They are losing cattle and their rival, the Colter ranch, is buying off all the ranch hands! But when young Ed Dawson is injured while helping the Kansas Kid and Sagebrush Charlie across the State-Line, the roughnecks decide to repay Ed by helping out at the Dawson ranch. 63 minutes.

Canyon Raiders

Director: Lewis D. Collins

Whip Wilson  ... Whip Wilson
Fuzzy Knight  ... Texas Milburn
Jim Bannon  ... Jim Bannon
Phyllis Coates  ... Alice Long
I. Stanford Jolley  ... Sam Wellman
Barbara Woodell  ... Ruth Milburn
Marshall Reed  ... Henchman Jack Marlin
Riley Hill  ... Henchman Lou Banks

The US Cavalry needs fresh horses, so when ranchers aren't meeting their contracts because of rustlers the Government sends in Whip Wilson to investigate. 54 minutes.