Howdy, Broadyway - Swing High

Stars: Tommy Christian, Ellalee Ruby and Jack J. Clark / Helen Twelvetrees, Fred Scott and Dorothy Burgess
Director: Charles J. Hunt / Joseph Santley
Runtime: 50 Minutes / 75 Minutes
Language: English
Color:  Black and White
Format:  DVD-R
Rating: NR
Price: $9.95

Howdy, Broadway

Director: Charles J. Hunt

Tommy Christian and His Collegians,
Ellalee Ruby, Jack J. Clark,
Lucy Ames, Art Barnett
Daisy Dean, Ted Kieth, James Parrish, Diana Mullen,
Mona Soltis, Johnny Kane & Mart Brett

Tommy Christian leads his pals from college hijinks to performing on Broadway. 50 minutes

Swing High

Director: Joseph Santley

Helen Twelvetrees  ... Maryan
Fred Scott  ... Garry
Dorothy Burgess  ... Trixie
John Sheehan  ... Doc May
Daphne Pollard  ... Mrs. May
George Fawcett  ... Pop Garner
Bryant Washburn  ... Ringmaster Joe
Nick Stuart  ... Billy
Sally Starr  ... Ruth
'Little Billy' Rhodes  ... Major Tiny
William Hall  ... Babe
Stepin Fetchit  ... Sam
Chester Conklin, Ben Turpin & Robert Edeson

Garner's “Circus Supreme” winds it way across the country tailed by Doc May's Medicine Show. When Garry musical talents start drawing all the crowds Pop Garner decides to recruit the medicine show into his circus. 75 minutes