The Lost Battalion (1919)

Stars: Re-enacted by the survivors ~ Robert Alexander, George G. McMurtry, Charles W. Whittlesey and more!
Director: Burton L. King
Runtime: 66 Minutes
Language: English subtitles - music score
Color:  Tinted
Format: DVD-R
Rating: NR
Price: $16.95

The Lost Battalion

Director: Burton L. King

Cast (re-enacted by the survivors):
Maj. Gen. Robert Alexander,
Maj. George G. McMurtry,
Lt. Col. Charles W. Whittlesey,
Capt. William J. Cullen,
Lt. Arthur F. McKeogh, Lt. Augustus Kaiser,
Private  Jack Hershkowitz, Corporal Philip Cepaglia,
Sergeant Herman J. Bergasse, Private J.J. Munson,
Private  Abraham Krotoshinisky,
Jack McLean, Gaston Glass, Marion Coakley & Lieutenant Jordan

In October of 1918, near the end of World War I as Allied forces attack the German position in the Argonne Forest, France, over 500 soldiers of the 77th Division penetrate the German lines only to become completely cut off and surrounded by the enemy. Enduring harsh conditions and heavy causalities the brave men of the Lost Battalion distinguished themselves by holding their position against all odds. The striking tale is reenacted here by the soldiers who survived the harrowing experience. A thrilling piece of military and cinema history.

66 minutes - with an organ score by David Knudtson

*Release made possible in-part by the support of Kimberly Burley.

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