Film Transfer Services

We’ve worked with rare classic films for decades and now we’re offering those skills to you. Have your film handled by the professionals and enjoy the beautiful quality offered by our high-definition digital transfer systems. Let our more then 40 years of experience handling film work for you.

With equipment to produce high quality transfers form standard-8, super-8, 9.5mm and 16mm, and even slides we can handle many types of material. Choose the format from DVD to digital files and with additional services, such as image stabilization, grain reduction and color correction, we are committed to providing the very best transfer of your film to digital.

If you have any questions or would like to get a quote on film transfers please email us:

Film reel are placed in plastic cans for easy storage.  $25/Reel

Optional Image Enhancements
___ Image Stabilization    Provided @ $0.20/min
___ Grain Reduction        Provided @ $0.60/min
___ Color Correction        Provided @ $1.50/min

Choose Your Media
___ DVD-r    for $5.00
___ ‘Archival grade’ M-disc DVD   for $10.00
___ Blu-Ray-r  for $20.00
___ Digital File – no additional charge but requires media.
___ We design a personalized cover made from stills from your home movies for your            DVD Hard case or cases. $30.00
___ We design a personalized disc image (made from stills from your home movies) that        will be printed in color onto your DVD. $30.00
___ Get both disc and case cover image together for only $50.00 (a $10.00 discount)

8mm (Silent Only):  $0.25/Foot

Super 8mm (Silent): $0.25/Foot (includes film cleaning)
Super 8mm (Sound): $0.45/Foot (includes film cleaning)

16mm - Silent: $0.20/Foot
16mm - Sound (Optical or Magnetic): $0.25/Foot