The Kate Smith Evening Hour

Runtime: 55 minutes

Language: English

Format:  DVD-R (region free)

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The Kate Smith
Evening Hour

Kate Smith, who achieved immortality singing Irving Berlin's patriotic song "God Bless America," had this hour-long evening show for nine months between 1951 and 1952. Smith wasn't known as a major television figure, but her show was one of the most unusual variety programs in television history, broken down into four 15 segments each distinctly different in character, and several of which were separated off into independent series.

In this November 1951 Thanksgiving show, the guests include Ann Sheridan, playing in a dramatic/romantic sketch entitled "Beginner's Luck"; Myron Cohen, who does an extended monolog; Peg Lynch and Alan Bunce in the continuing comedy series "Ethel and Albert," about a bickering married couple who can't even get through a car ride without an argument in this sequence; and Akim Tamiroff, Vinton Hayworth (the general in the later episodes of I DREAM OF JEANNIE), and Tige Andrews (Captain Greer from THE MOD SQUAD) in a short drama written by Arch Oboler called "Mr. Citizen," about a guilt-ridden immigrant who nearly gives up his chance at citizenship. Smith sings "It's a Lovely Day Today" and "Bless This House."

55 minutes - From the TV Days Collection