Riders of the North (1931)

Stars: Bob Custer, Blanche Mehaffey, Frank Rice
Director: J. P. McGowan
Runtime: 62 Minutes
Language: English
Color:  Black and White
Format:  DVD-R
Extras: Mickey's Mix-up with Mickey Rooney
Rating: NR

Price: $9.95

Riders of the North

Directed by J.P. McGowan

Bob Custer ... Sergeant Stone
Blanche Mehaffey ... Ann
Eddie Dunn ... Mac McGuire
Will Walling ... Inspector Devlin
Frank Rice ... The Parson
George Regas ... Leclerc
Robert 'Buddy' Shaw ... Tom
George Hackathorne
Carl Deloro
Horace B. Carpenter ... Bartender
Al Ferguson ... Constable Jones
Blackie Whiteford ... Man at McGuires

In a trapper's cabin, Sergeant Stone finds a fellow Mountie murdered and is given the assignment of locating the killer. He finds Tom who was at the cabin and his fingerprints match those on the gun. But Stone thinks Tom was framed and one of the two other men present is guilty. So he gets the Inspector to employ an old trick he thinks will get a confession from them.

62 Minutes - Transferred from an excellent 35mm nitrate print

Included short

Mickey's Mix-up

with Mickey McGuire - 19 Minutes