Tom Tyler Double Feature #4

Stars: Tom Tyler, Jean Carmen, Rex Lease, Earl Dwire, Margaret Nearing
Director: Harry S. Webb
Runtime: 54 minutes & 57 minutes
Language: English
Color:  Black and White
Format:  DVD-R (region free)
Rating: NR

Price: $9.95

Born to Battle

Director: Harry S. Webb

Tom Tyler  ... 'Cyclone' Tom Saunders
Jean Carmen  ... Betty Powell
Earl Dwire  ... George Powell
Julian Rivero  ... Pablo Carranza
Nelson McDowell  ... Lem Blinky Holt
William Desmond  ... John Brownell
Richard Alexander  ... Nate
Charles King  ... Jim Larmer
Ralph Lewis  ... Justice Hiram McClump
Ben Corbett  ... Deputy

Cyclone Tom is a two-fisted troublemaker who was born to battle, just the sort of fearless man the Ranchers' Association needs to take care of recent troubles with rustling nesters on the Lazy Wire ranch. Only when Tom investigates it seems the nesters are scapegoats for the real criminal. 54 minutes.

Fast Bullets

Director: Harry S. Webb (Henrí Samuels)

Tom Tyler  ... Ranger Tom Hilton
Rex Lease  ... Jimmy
Margaret Nearing  ... Joan
Al Bridge  ... Travis
William Gould  ... Ranger Captain Drummond
Robert Walker  ... Frank, a Ranger
Jimmy Aubrey  ... Henchman Jake
Slim Whitaker  ... Henchman Pat

The Rangers have been after the Travis gang but no one is talking. That is until Tom convinces young gang member Jimmy that helping break up the gang is better then jail. But can the rangers trust Jimmy to get Tom into the gang or is Tom riding to certain death. 57 minutes