Mid-Channel / Straight from Paris

Stars: Clara Kimball Young, J. Frank Glendon, Edward Kimball, Bertram Grassby, William P. Carleton
Director: Harry Garson
Runtime: 68 minutes & 37 minutes
Language: English subtitles - music score
Color:  Black and White
Format:  DVD-R (region free)
Rating: NR
Price: $14.95



Director: Harry Garson

Clara Kimball Young  ... Zoe Blundell
J. Frank Glendon  ... Theodore Blundell
Edward Kimball  ... Honorable Peter Mottram
Bertram Grassby  ... Leonard Ferris
Eileen Robinson  ... Mrs. Pierpont
Helene Sullivan  ... Mrs. Annerly
Katherine Griffith  ... Ethel Pierpont
Jack Livingston  ... Claude Roberts

"So in marriage, after the first bright years, there lies a stormy and treacherous period, which, if not staunchly weathered, means darkness and disaster."

A tale of one married couple trying to navigate their union at the treacherous mid-channel. 68 minutes

Straight from Paris

Director: Harry Garson

Clara Kimball Young  ... Lucette Grenier
Bertram Grassby  ... Robert Van Austen
William P. Carleton  ... John Van Austen
Betty Francisco  ... Doris Charming
Thomas Jefferson  ... Henri Trevel
Gerard Alexander  ... Mrs. Stevenson
Clarissa Selwynne  ... Mrs. Van Austen

A young man returns home from a European trip with his fiancee but when his snobbish mother discovers she is a store-clerk she refuses to accept their engagement. His uncle advocates for the young couple but soon discovers he has feelings for his nephew's fiancee! 37 minutes

Both films presented with music scores by David Knudtson