Red Ryder Double Feature

Stars: Bill Elliott, Robert Blake, Alice Fleming, LeRoy Mason, Roy Barcroft
Director: Wallace Grissell / R.G. Springsteen
Runtime: 53 minutes + 53 minutes
Language: English
Color:  Black and White
Format:  DVD-R (region free)
Rating: NR
Price: $9.95

Vigilantes of Dodge City

Director: Wallace Grissell

‘Wild’ Bill Elliott  ... Red Ryder
Bobby Blake  ... Little Beaver
Alice Fleming  ... The Duchess, Red's Aunt
Linda Stirling  ... Carol Franklin
LeRoy Mason  ... Luther Jennings
Hal Taliaferro  ... Walter Bishop
Tom London  ... Denver
Steve Barclay  ... Captain James Glover
Bud Geary  ... Henchman Benteen
Kenne Duncan  ... Henchman Dave Brewster
Robert J. Wilke  ... Henchman Bill

When a string of robberies against The Ryder Freight Lines puts his aunt Duchess in a tight spot with banker Jennings Red Ryder steps up to sort things out. Only while he is busy his best horses are rustled from his ranch and just before they were due to be sold to the US Calvary! Now that Red is suspected of fraud he and side kick Little Beaver must get to the bottom of the schemes. 53 minutes.

Sun Valley Cyclone

Director: R.G. Springsteen

Wild Bill Elliott  ... Red Ryder
Bobby Blake  ... Little Beaver
Alice Fleming  ... The Duchess, Red's Aunt
Roy Barcroft  ... Blackie Blake
Kenne Duncan  ... Henchman Dow
Eddy Waller  ... Major Harding
Tom London  ... Sheriff
Edmund Cobb  ... Henchman Luce
Ed Cassidy  ... Theodore Roosevelt
Monte Hale  ... Jeff
George Chesebro  ... Cowhand Shorty
Rex Lease  ... Army Sergeant
Thunder  ... Red's Horse

When Red Ryder's horse Thunder is accused of being a man killer Red must explain his special connect to the his horse and by doing so his horse’s reason for attacking. In flashbacks Red recalls his encounter with Col. Roosevelt's rough riders and a scheme that has tensions boiling between ranchers Duchess and Major Harding! 53 minutes

*Cover image courtesy of Boyd Magers at WESTERN CLIPPINGS