Shore Leave (1925)

Stars: Richard Barthelmess, Dorothy Mackaill, Ted McNamara, Nick Long
Director: John S. Robertson
Runtime: 90 Minutes
Language: English inter-titles - Piano Music Score
Color:  Black and White
Format:  DVD-R
Rating: NR

Price: $16.95

Shore Leave

Directed by John S. Robertson

Richard Barthelmess ... Bilge Smith
Dorothy Mackaill ... Connie Martin
Ted McNamara ... Bat Smith
Nick Long ... Capt. Martin
Marie Shotwell ... Mrs. Schuyler-Payne
Arthur Metcalfe ... Mr. Schuyler-Payne
Warren Cook ... Adm. Smith
Samuel E. Hines ... Chief Petty Officer

Sailor Bilge Smith joins Connie Martin for a home cooked meal and a brief kiss. Smitten, Connie waits for her sailor to return...

John S. Robertson and Roy Overbaugh (cinematographer) manage the New York locations and set pieces nicely. Debuting Ted McNamara (as "Battling" Smith) who handles his comic sidekick role well; he probably would have been a character actor long into the talking picture era, but died of pneumonia in 1928.

Barthelmess has named his "Shore Leave" characterization as a personal favorite.

90 Minutes