Classic TV Commercials - #3

Runtime: 60 minutes

Language: English

Format:  DVD-R (region free)

Price: $12.95

Classic TV Commercials #3

The world of classic commercials continues with more spots from the Golden Age of TV advertising: Captain Midnight and his Ovaltine premiums; Kellogg's Corn Flakes with Space Patrol; Kent cigarettes with an unknown actor named Bill Bixby; Thunderbird; Alka Seltzer; Jean Arthur for Jello; Andy Griffith and Opie with Aunt Bea for Sanka; Gulf; Lay's Potato Chips with Bert Lahr; Chef Boy Ardee; Pepsi; Lady Clairol; Kool; Bold; Muriel's Chesterfield; the history of Ford cars leading to the 1960 line; Pretzel Thins; Zenith; the Fighter Jet and Countdown Space Toys from Ideal; Shirley Temple Doll Collection; Sniffy paints; Coleco Pools; Corn Popper for Junior Chef with Shari Lewis; Wilt Chamberlain Basketball Game; Bowlamatic 300; Action Jackson; Johnny Lightning Jet Power; Ritz; Skippy Peanut Butter; Instant Jello; Chevrolet Trucks; Renault Dauphine; Hasbro Daffy Drops and Merry Milkman; at home with Ronald and Nancy Reagan for G.E. with a rare tour through their house; Newport and York commercials; Ken with Dick Van Dyke and Rose Marie; Good and Plenty; Tressy Styling Kit; AHM miniature trains; Pokerama, and more.

From the TV Days Collection