Norma Talmadge Double Feature #1

Stars: Norma Talmadge, Kate Lester, Eric von Stroheim, Thomas Meighan
Director: John Emerson / Sidney Franklin
Runtime: 52 Minutes / 62 Minutes
Language: English subtitles - Music scores
Color:  Tinted and Toned & Black and White
Format:  DVD-R
Rating: NR

Price: $14.95

Norma Talmadge Double Feature #1

The Social Secretary

Directed by John Emerson

Norma Talmadge
Kate Lester - Helen Weir
Gladden James - Herbert French
Eric von Stroheim - Nathaniel Sack

Mayme goes from one secretarial job to another fighting off the advances of her employers. To solve the problem she decides to work for a woman. As a precaution against any romantic notions that her employer's son may have she makes herself as ugly as possible.

52 minutes.

The Forbidden City

Directed by Sidney Franklin

Norma Talmadge .... San San/Toy
Thomas Meighan .... John Worden
E. Alyn Warren .... Wong Li
Michael Rayle .... Mandarin
L. Rogers Lytton .... Chinese Emperor
Reid Hamilton .... Lieutenant Philip Halbert

The daughter of a Chinese mandarin is sentenced to death for her secret marriage to an American. Their child, raised in the mandarin's palace, grows up and escapes to seek her father, now a high-ranking official in the Philippines.

62 minutes.