Humphrey Takes a Chance (1950)

Stars: Leon Errol, Joe Kirkwood Jr., Robert Coogan, Lois Collier
Director: Jean Yarbrough
Runtime: 62 minutes
Language: English
Color:  Black and White
Format:  DVD-R (region free)
Rating: NR
Price: $9.95

Joe Palooka in Humphrey Takes a Chance

Director: Jean Yarbrough

Leon Errol ... Knobby Walsh
Joe Kirkwood Jr. ... Joe Palooka
Robert Coogan ... Humphrey Pennyworth
Lois Collier ... Anne Howe Palooka
Gil Lamb ... Martin
Tom Neal ... Gordon Rogers
Jack Kirkwood ... Phiffeney
Mary Margaret Robinson ... Mary
Andrew Tombes ... Sheriff Grogan
Iris Adrian ... Miss Tuttle
Chester Conklin ... Prentice
Hank Mann ... Hiram
Clarence Hennecke ... Zeke
Heinie Conklin ... Pete
Tim Ryan ... Bentley

One of the feature films inspired by the wildly popular 'JOE PALOOKA' comic strip that debuted in 1930.

Joe Palooka is the heavy weight boxing champ and is willing to defend the title against all comers. Of course there are some shady characters who would rather just buy the title, but since Joe and his manager Knobby Walsh aren't selling they come up with a scheme to take a cut of Joe's profits by tying up all the venues and rival fighters in exclusive contracts. So when they hear Knobby and Joe are off to visit the tiny town of West Wokkington Falls they figure they must have a bout planned and hustle to tie up the town and local strongman Humphrey Pennyworth. 62 minutes