Colgate Comedy Hour with Jimmy Durante

Runtime: 52 minutes

Language: English

Format:  DVD-R (region free)

Price: $12.95

The Colgate Comedy Hour
with Jimmy Durante & Frank Sinatra

Jimmy Durante is the guest host of this COLGATE COMEDY HOUR installment, which, despite the presence of Sinatra, emphasizes comedy as much as music. The running joke features Frank Sinatra turning up throughout the show (even sitting in the audience at one point) and trying to sing "From Here To Eternity," only to be continually interrupted by Durante. The Gay Tyroliers perform a very strange Maypole Dance.

The Symphony of Cowbells (really "The Old Spinning Wheel," most famous from its use in the Laurel & Hardy short "Them Thar Hills") is interrupted by Sinatra, who is thrown off the set by Durante, who later gives an inimitable spelling and grammar lesson. He and Sinatra participate in a TV game show parody with special guest Danny Thomas. Sinatra and Durante do a duet together and Sinatra does "The Ho-Ho Song." And the host argues with a marionette in a sketch set in Club Durante. Sinatra is interrupted one last time, before Durante closes the show with "Goodnight."

52 minutes - From the TV Days Collection