Murder by Television / The Invisible Killer

Stars: Bela Lugosi, Grace Bradley, June Collyer, Roland Drew, Huntley Gordon, William Newell
Director: Clifford Sanforth / Sam Newfield
Runtime: 54 minutes & 62 minutes
Language: English
Color:  Black and White
Format:  DVD-R (region free)
Rating: NR
Price: $9.95

A Mystery Double Feature!

Murder by Television

Director: Clifford Sanforth

Bela Lugosi  ... Dr. Arthur Perry / Edwin Perry
June Collyer  ... June Houghland
Huntley Gordon  ... Dr. Henry M. Scofield
George Meeker  ... Richard Grayson
Henry Mowbray  ... Chief of Police Nelson
Charles Hill Mailes  ... Prof. James Houghland
Claire McDowell  ... Mrs. Houghland
Hattie McDaniel  ... Isabella - the Cook
Allen Jung  ... Ah Ling - the Houseboy
Charles K. French  ... Donald M. Jordan
Larry Francis  ... Mendoza
Henry Hall  ... Hammond
Billy Sullivan  ... Reardon the Watchman
William H. Tooker  ... Allen

During the presentation of his wondrous, and much desired, new television broadcasting invention Professor James Hougland is murdered! Surrounded by suspects, many after his invention for their respective companies its up to Police Chief Nelson to identify the killer. 54 minutes

The Invisible Killer

Director: Sam Newfield

Grace Bradley  ... Sue Walker
Roland Drew  ... Lt. Jerry Brown
William Newell  ... Det. Sgt. Pat Dugan
Alex Callam  ... Arthur Enslee
Frank Coletti  ... Vani Martin
Sidney Grayler  ... Lefty Ross
Crane Whitley  ... Dist. Atty. Richard Sutton
Boyd Irwin  ... Mr. Cunningham
Jean Brooks  ... Gloria Cunningham
David Oliver  ... Llewellyln Worcester, Sutton's Valet
Harry Worth  ... Tyler, Sutton's Secretary
Ernie Adams  ... Squint, the Croupier

Sue Walker is a feisty reporter who delights in showing up Detective Jerry Brown with her scoops on ongoing investigations. But now as the DA is trying to pressure the gambling rackets to shut down quietly someone starts killing of the gambling kingpins seemingly without leaving any trace and well informed Sue Walker might just be a suspect. 62 minutes