The Man Who Had Everything (1920)

Stars: Jack Pickford, Lionel Belmore, Priscilla Bonner
Director: Alfred E. Green
Runtime: 66 Minutes
Language: English inter-titles -  music score
Extra: "Felix Minds the Kid" with Felix the Cat
Color:  Black & White
Format:  DVD-R
Rating: NR
Price: $14.95

The Man Who Had Everything

Directed by Alfred E. Green

Jack Pickford ... Harry Bullway
Lionel Belmore ... Mark Bullway
Priscilla Bonner ... Prue Winn
Shannon Day ... Leonore Pennell
Alec B. Francis ... Matt Sills
Will Machin ... Joel - Bullway's Butler

Harry Bullway is a careless young man, always after a good time. He nearly runs over a blind beggar with his car, but he shows no remorse. In response to his heartlessness, the beggar curses him, saying, "May you always have everything that you want."

66 Minutes - Orchestra Score by Jack Hardy

Included short

Felix the Cat in

“Felix Minds the Kid” (1922)

6 Minutes