Soul of the Beast (1923)

Stars: Madge Bellamy, Cullen Landis, Noah Beery
Director: John Griffith Wray
Runtime: 65 Minutes
Language: English subtitles - Orchestra music scores
Color:  B&W
Extras: The Fortune Teller (1923) Ko-Ko  7 minutes
Format:  DVD-R
Rating: NR

Price: $16.95


Directed by John Griffith Wray

Madge Bellamy ... Ruth Lorrimore
Cullen Landis ... Paul Nadeau
Noah Beery ... Caesar Durand
Vola Vale ... Jacqueline
Bert Sprotte ... Silas Hamm
Harry L. Rattenberry ... Pere Boussut
Carrie Clark Ward ... Mrs.Boussut
Lincoln Stedman ... Henri
Larry Steers ... Policeman
Vernon Dent ... The Boob
Oscar the Elephant ... Himself

Madge Bellamy loves a circus elephant and when she runs away from a mean stepfather who abuses her she takes the elephant with her. She meets recluse violinist (Landis) who is also running away from a vicious bully (Beery).

65 Minutes

Included short subject:

THE FORTUNE TELLER (1923) Ko-Ko the Clown

Max and Koko get mixed up with a live action gypsy fortune teller and then with ghosts and monsters in this delightful OUT OF THE INKWELL offering. 7 Minutes