Tol'able David (1921)

Stars: Richard Barthelmess, Ernest Torrence, Gladys Hulette
Director: Henry King
Runtime: 99 Minutes
Language: English inter-titles -  music score
Extra: "Chicken Feathers" with Jack Duffy
Color:  Black & White with some tinted sequences
Format:  DVD-R
Rating: NR
Price: $14.95

Tol'able David

Directed by Henry King

Richard Barthelmess ... David Kinemon
Gladys Hulette ... Esther Hatburn
Walter P. Lewis ... Iscah Hatburn
Ernest Torrence ... Luke Hatburn
Ralph Yearsley ... Saul 'Little Buzzard' Hatburn
Forrest Robinson ... Grandpa Hatburn
Laurence Eddinger ... Sen. John Gault
Edmund Gurney ... Hunter Kinemon
Warner Richmond ... Allen Kinemon
Marion Abbott ... Mother Kinemon

Richard Barthelmess is stunning in this coming of age story as David Kinemon, the youngest son of West Virginia tenant farmers. David is eager to be seen as a man by his family and neighbors, especially pretty Esther Hatburn (Gladys Hulette) who lives with her grandfather on a nearby farm.. However the peace of country life is soon shattered when the Hatburn's outlaw cousins show up on the lam. Of particular concern is Luke Hatburn (Ernest Torrence), a sadist and villain who causes no end of suffering to anything or anyone in his way.

99 Minutes

Included Short

Chicken Feathers (1927)

with Jack Duffy
14 Minutes