A Tale of Two Cities (1911 & 1917)

Stars: William Farnum, Jewel Carmen, Charles Clary, Maurice Costello, Florence Turner, Charles Kent
Director: William Humphrey / Frank Lloyd
Runtime: 76 minutes & 21 minutes
Language: English subtitles - music score
Color:  Tinted
Format:  DVD-R (region free)
Rating: NR
Price: $16.95

Charles Dickens gripping tale is brought to life in these two earliest film adaptations of his famous classic novel. The tale of two men in love the same woman is set against the backdrop of the harsh subjugation of the French peasantry which transforms to the barbarism of French Revolution. Includes both the 1911 short and the 1917 feature!

A Tale of Two Cities (1911)

Director: William Humphrey

Maurice Costello  ... Sydney Carton
Florence Turner  ... Lucie Manette
Charles Kent  ... Dr. Manette
Leo Delaney  ... Darnay
William Shea  ... Jarvis Lorry
William Humphrey  ... The Duke D'Evremon
Tefft Johnson  ... Defarge
Edith Halleran  ... Madame Defarge
Norma Talmadge  ... Mimi

Runtime: 21 minutes

A Tale of Two Cities (1917)

Director: Frank Lloyd

William Farnum  ... Charles Darnay / Sydney Carton
Jewel Carmen  ... Lucie Manette
Charles Clary  ... Marquis St.Evenmonde
Herschel Mayall  ... Jacques Defarge
Rosita Marstini  ... Madame Therese Defarge
Josef Swickard  ... Dr. Alexandre Manette
Ralph Lewis  ... Roger Cly
William Clifford  ... Gabelle
Marc Robbins  ... Jarvis Lorry
Olive White  ... Miss Pross
Willard Louis  ... Mr. CJ Stryver
Harry De Vere  ... Gaspard
Florence Vidor  ... Mimi
& James Morrison

Runtime: 76 minutes.

Both feature and short were scored by Christopher Congdon