The Little Red Schoolhouse (1936)

Stars: Frank Coghlan Jr., Lloyd Hughes and Dickie Moore
Director: Charles Lamont
Runtime: 66 Minutes + 6 minutes
Language: English
Color:  Black and White
Format:  DVD-R
Rating: NR
Short Subject: School Days - Flip the Frog
Price: $9.95

The Little Red Schoolhouse

Director: Charles Lamont

Frank Coghlan Jr.  ... Frank 'Frankie' Burke
Lloyd Hughes  ... Owen Rogers
Dickie Moore  ... Dickie Burke
Ann Doran  ... Mary Burke
Corky  ... Corky, Frankie's Dog
Richard Carle  ... The Professor
Ralf Harolde  ... Pete Scardoni
Frank Sheridan  ... Warden Gail
Matthew Betz  ... Bill, the Tough Hobo
Kenneth Howell  ... Schuyler Tree
Sidney Miller  ... Sidney Levy
Gloria Browne  ... Shirley
Don Brodie  ... Edward 'Ed', Pete's Henchman
Lew Davis  ... Mac, Pete's Henchman
Fred Kelsey  ... First Detective

Frank Burke is 17 years old and bored with his little red schoolhouse and would rather get a job straight away. So when he gets in disciplinary trouble at school, he impulsively decides to run away to New York and find work for himself. However without prospects he mixes with one bad crowd after another and soon is truly in deep trouble. 66 minutes

Included animated short subject

with Flip the Frog - 6 minutes