The Painted Stallion (1937)

Stars: Ray Corrigan, Hoot Gibson, LeRoy Mason, Duncan Renaldo, Hal Taliaferro
Director: Alan James and Ray Taylor
Runtime: 210 minutes
Language: English
Color:  Black and White
Format:  Two DVD-R Discs (region free)
Rating: NR
Price: $16.95

The Painted Stallion

Directors: Alan James & Ray Taylor

Ray Corrigan ... Clark Stuart
Hoot Gibson ... Walter Jamison
Jean Carmen ... The Rider
LeRoy Mason ... Lt. Gov. Alfredo Dupray
Duncan Renaldo ... Zamorro
Sammy McKim ... Christopher Kit Carson
Hal Taliaferro ... Jim Bowie
Jack Perrin ... Davy Crockett
Ed 'Oscar' Platt ... Oscar
Lou Fulton ... Elmer

Clark Stuart and trader Walter Jamison lead a westbound wagon train from Independence, Missouri to Santa Fe they encounter plenty of Western heroes on the way, such as Jim Bowie, Davy Crockett and a young Kit Carson! However they'll have more then just the perils of the frontier to deal with because the Spanish governor of Santa Fe and his henchmen are determined to keep Stuart from arriving! Luckily he is aided by the mysterious native rider of the Painted Stallion, who uses her whistling arrows to warn of danger and scare the bad guys.

Two discs - twelve chapters - 210 minutes