Texas Gun Fighter - The Lone Avenger

Stars: Ken Maynard, Sheila Bromley, Harry Woods, Muriel Gordon, James A. Marcus
Director: Phil Rosen / Alan James
Runtime: 54 Minutes and 54 Minutes
Language: English
Color:  Black and White
Format:  DVD-R
Rating: NR
Price: $9.95

Ken Maynard Double Feature #2

Texas Gun Fighter

Director: Phil Rosen

Ken Maynard  ... Bill Dane
Sheila Bromley  ... Jane Adams
Harry Woods  ... Kells
Lloyd Ingraham  ... Banty
Jim Mason  ... Henchman Drag

Bill Dane and injured pal Banty quit Kells' outlaw gang and in opposing Kells impress the nearby townsfolk. Bill is offered the position of sheriff, no one suspecting that he was recently an outlaw. 54 minutes

The Lone Avenger

Director: Alan James

Ken Maynard  ... Cal Weston
Muriel Gordon  ... Ruth Winters
James A. Marcus  ... Jud Winters
Al Bridge  ... Burl Adams
Niles Welch  ... Martin Carter
William Bailey  ... Henchman Landers
Charles King  ... Nip Hawkes
Ed Brady  ... Tuck Hawkes
Jack Rockwell  ... Sheriff
Clarence Geldart  ... Doctor Crandall

Cal Weston shows up in town to learn his father, the prominent banker, is dead. The corner believes it was suicide but Cal knows better so he sets out to identify who killed his father and why. 54 minutes.