Lightning Hutch (1926)

Stars: Charles Hutchison, Edith Thornton, Sheldon Lewis
Director: Charles Hitchison
Runtime: 200 Minutes
Language: English subtitles - Orchestra music score
Color:  Tinted and Toned (colors on original 35mm print)
Format:  Two DVD-R set
Rating: NR
Price: $24.95


Directed by Charles Hutchison

Charles Hutchison
Edith Thornton
Sheldon Lewis - Eddie Phillips
Violet Schram - Ben Walker
Virginia Pearson - Gordon Sackville
LeRoy Mason

Lightning Hutch must keep the formula for a poison gas from the hands of villains who would sell it to a foreign power.

This is the only complete Hutchinson serial available to collectors.

Comes on a two disc DVD Set.
Ten chapters - 200 minutes.
Presented with an orchestra music score.
Transferred from a 35mm nitrate print.