Wally Wales Double Feature

Stars: Wally Wales, Hal Taliaferro, Virginia Brown Faire, Sam Garrett, Lafe McKee and Buzz Barton
Director: Alan James & David Kirkland
Runtime: 58 minutes & 54 minutes
Language: English
Color:  Black and White
Format:  DVD-R (region free)
Rating: NR
Price: $10.95

Wally Wales Double Feature

Breed of the West

Director: Alan James

Wally Wales (Hal Taliaferro) ... Wally Weldon
Virginia Brown Faire ... Betty Sterner
Robert Walker ... Longrope Wheeler - Crooked Foreman
Buzz Barton ... Jim Bradley
Lafe McKee ... Colonel Sterner aka Bradley
Edmund Cobb ... Tom Hardy, Henchman
Bobby Dunn ... Shorty
George Gerwing ... Cookie - Ranch Cook
Hank Bell ... Sheriff Cole
Bud Osborne ... Henchman Harry Burns

Cowboy Wally may be on the outs with his boss Colonel Sterner and the ranch’s foremen Longrope. But when he discovers a plot to steal the Colonel’s money he shows he’s got the Breed of the West by risking everything to save the ranch’s money! 58 minutes

Flying Lariats

Directors: Alan James & David Kirkland

Wally Wales (Hal Taliaferro) ... Wally Dunbar
Sam Garrett ... Sam Dunbar
Fred Church ... Tex Johnson
Don Wilson ... Mr. Appleby
Buzz Barton ... Buzz Murphy
Joe Lawliss ... 'Dad' Starr
Gus Anderson ... Sheriff
Bonnie Jean Gray ... Bonnie Starr
Tete Brady ... Kate Weston
Etta Delmas ... Mrs. Murphy
Lorraine LaVal ... Telegraph Agent

The Dunbar ranch is ran by a pair of brothers, Wally and Sam, who are both smitten with Bonnie Starr, their neighbor's daughter. They’ve got the big rodeo to participate in but are also scheming to get the other wed to Bonnie. 54 minutes