Ten Nights in a Bar-Room (1931)

Stars: William Farnum, Tom Santschi, Peggy Lou Lynd
Director: William O'Connor
Runtime: 71 Minutes
Language: English
Color:  Black and White
Format:  DVD-R
Extras: One Quiet Night (1931)
Rating: NR
Price: $9.95

Ten Nights in a Bar-Room

Directed by William O'Connor

Cinematography by Vernon L. Walker

William Farnum .... Joe Morgan / Tom Santschi .... Simon Slade
Peggy Lou Lynd .... Mary Morgan / Robert Frazer .... Dr. Romaine
Phyllis Barrington .... Ann Slade / Rosemary Theby .... Sarah Morgan
Thomas Jefferson .... Silent Sam / Lionel Belmore .... Bill
John Darrow .... Frank Slade / Frank Leigh .... Harvey Green
Kathrin Clare Ward .... Grandma Morgan / Sheila Bromley .... June Manners
Fern Emmett .... Fanny / Harry Todd .... Sample
John Uppman .... The Singer / Daisy Belmore .... Old Hag

Based on the cautionary stage play by Edwin Waugh, the story concerns Joe Morgan (William Farnum), a highly respected business executive and family man who throws his life away by consuming mass quantities of booze. His sweet little daughter Mary Morgan (Patty Lou Lynd) wanders into the saloon, tugs her drunken father by his tattered sleeve and whines "Daddy, won't you come home with me now?" This proves to be the first step towards Morgan's redemption, but first he has a score to settle with Simon Slade (Tom Santschi), the villain who dragged him to degradation and stole his business. The film's highlight is a knock-down, drag-out fistfight between William Farnum and Tom Santschi, in emulation of their famous battle in 1914's The Spoilers. The story was previously filmed six times during the silent era. 71 Minutes

Included short subject

One Quiet Night (1931)

Directed by Fatty Arbuckle - 9 Minutes