The Singing Cowgirl - Water Rustlers

Stars: Dorothy Page, Dave O'Brien, Vince Barnett, Stanley Price
Director: Samuel Diege
Runtime: 56 minutes + 55 minutes
Language: English subtitles - music score
Color:  Black and White
Format:  DVD-R (region free)
Rating: NR
Price: $9.95

A Dorothy Page musical western double feature!

The Singing Cowgirl

Director: Samuel Diege

Dorothy Page ... Dorothy Hendricks
Dave O'Brien ... Dick Williams
Vince Barnett ... Kewpie
Dorothy Short ... Nora Pryde
Dix Davis ... Billy Harkins
Stanley Price ... John Tolen
Warner Richmond ... Henchman Garrick
Edward Peil Sr. ... Tom Harkins
Paul Barrett ... Rex Harkins
Lloyd Ingraham ... Dr. Slocum

Singing cowgirl Dorothy Hendricks is out to help to protect her neighbors, the Harkins family, from a gang of roughnecks trying to drive them off their land. She gets some help from wandering cowboy Dick Williams. Features three charming songs preformed by Miss Page. 56 minutes

Water Rustlers

Director: Samuel Diege

Dorothy Page ... Shirley Martin
Dave O'Brien ... Bob Lawson
Vince Barnett ... Mike - the cook
Stanley Price ... Robert Weylan
Ethan Allen ... Tim Martin
Leonard Trainor ... Andy Jurgens
Warner Richmond ... Wiley
Edward Gordon ... Henchman Kerman
Edward Peil Sr. ... Weylan's Lawyer
Lloyd Ingraham ... Judge
Merrill McCormick ... Sheriff

Shirley Martin and her father Tim are struggling to water their cows when heartless landowner Robert Weylan diverts the river from their pastures. Its up to Shirley and her new foreman Bob Lawson to mobilize the other ranchers against Weylan’s plot. Features three western themed songs preformed by Miss Page. 55 minutes