The Comedy Of Max Linder

Now you can enjoy the comic genius of Max Linder, the comedian who inspired Charles Chaplin, in this wonderful collection of early comedies.

115 minutes

"Max Learns to Skate" (1905)

Max causes havoc when he joins other skaters on a frozen lake.

"Max Gets Stuck Up" (1906)

Misadventures with fly paper.

"Max Takes a Bath" (1906)

Trials of taking a bath in an apartment house.

"Legend of Ponchinella" (1906)

Rare Lubin-Linder comedy.

"His First Cigar" (1907)

Max turns green.

"Max's Hat" (1908)

Max does everything to protect his new hat.

"Max and the Lady Doctor" (1909)

Max the shy patient meets and woos a lady doctor.

"Max Fears the Dogs" (1909)

Dogs chase Max everywhere, even up a chimney.

"Max and the Quinquina" (1911)

Max drinks too much of an alcoholic medicine.

"Max and the Statue" (1912)

Max gets trapped in a suit of armor.

"Max and His Mother-in-Law" (1912)

Mother-in-Law wants to go on the honeymoon.

"Max Juggles For Love" (1912)

Max juggles everything to impress his girl.

"Max and His Dog" (1912)

Max trains his dog to call him on the phone when his wife has visitors

"Max Plays at Drama" (1913)

Max tries to convince everyone he is a great actor.

Max Linder Comedies (1905-1913)

Stars: Max Linder
Director: various
Runtime: 115 Minutes
Language: English subtitles - Music scores
Color:  Tinted and Toned / Black and White
Format:  DVD-R
Rating: NR

Price: $16.95