The Son-of-a-Gun (1919)

Stars: G.M. Anderson, Joy Lewis, Fred Church
Director: G.M. Anderson
Runtime: 61 minutes
Language: English subtitles - music score
Color:  Black and White
Format:  DVD-R (region free)
Rating: NR
Price: $14.95

The Son-of-a-Gun

Director: Gilbert M. 'Broncho Billy' Anderson

G. M. Anderson ... Broncho Billy
Joy Lewis ... May Brown
Fred Church ... Buck Saunders
Frank Whitson ... Double Deck Harry
A.E. Witting ... W.L. 'Old Man' Brown
Mattie Witting ... Mother Brown
Paul Willis ... Buddy Brown

The idol of the Bar-O Ranch, May Brown, is hosting a fine party only to have it interrupted by the local Son-of-a-Gun, rootin' tootin' Bill. May's earnest kindness and tender spirit touch Bill but his antics have turned the townspeople and the sheriff against him and they soon plan to run him out of town.

61 minutes with a music score by David Knudtson