With Buffalo Bill on the U. P. Trail (1926)

Stars: Roy Stewart, Kathryn McGuire, Cullen Landis, Sheldon Lewis, Eddie Harris
Director: Frank S. Mattison
Runtime: 53 Minutes
Language: English subtitles - music score
Color:  Black and White
Format:  DVD-R (region free)
Rating: NR
Price: $14.95

With Buffalo Bill on the U. P. Trail

Director: Frank S. Mattison

Roy Stewart  ... Buffalo Bill Cody
Kathryn McGuire  ... Millie Connel
Cullen Landis  ... Gordon Kent
Sheldon Lewis  ... Maj. Mike Connel
Earl Metcalfe  ... Sheriff
Jay Morley  ... Parson Jim Hale
Milburn Morante  ... 'Hearts' Farrel
Eddie Harris  ... Mose
Fred DeSilva  ... Bill Henry
Hazel Howell  ... Katy Hale
Felix Whitefeather  ... White Spear
Dick La Reno  ... William Rose
Harry Fenwick  ... Dr. Roy Webb

Ride along with Buffalo Bill on this frontier adventure! A covered wagon train travels to the new west full of hopeful souls whose lives will later be entwined with Buffalo Bill Cody and his plans for the frontier town of Rome, which he expects will make a fortune when the railroad passes through. Only the railroad agent doesn’t want to share all the profits.

53 minutes with a music score by David Knudtson