Variety (Varieté) (1925)

Stars: Emil Jannings, Lya De Putti, Warwick Ward
Director: E. A. Dupont
Runtime: 72 Minutes
Language: English inter-titles - Orchestra Score
Color:  Black and White
Format:  DVD-R
Rating: NR

Price: $16.95

Varieté (Variety)
a.k.a. Jealousy

Directed by Ewald André Dupont

Emil Jannings ... Boss Huller
Lya De Putti ... Bertha
Warwick Ward ... Artinelli
Georg John ... Sailor
Kurt Gerron ... Harbourworker
Paul Rehkopf ... Spectator at the Fair
Alex Hyde and his Original New York
Jazz Orchestra ... Himself

"Boss" and his wife Berta-Marie are partners in a new trapeze number. One day, the famous trapeze artist Artinelli takes note of them and engages them for his trapeze show in Berlin. Their salto mortale becomes an immediate sensation. Calculatedly and cold, Artinelli seduces Berta-Marie and destroys "Boss'" happiness. "Variete" was a sensation when it appeared, primarily for its beautifully detailed performances and terrific camerawork by Karl Freund. The trapeze sequences will leave you giddy. The montages of variety acts are witty and vibrant. Berlin nightlife in the '20s looks glamorous. This is the American release of the film. 72 Minutes.