Anthony and Cleopatra (1913)

Stars: Antonio Novelli, Gianna Terribili-Gonzales
Director: Enrico Guazzoni
Runtime: 74 Minutes
Language: English subtitles - Orchestra music score
Color:  Black and White
Format:  DVD-R
Rating: NR

Price: $14.95

Marcantonio e Cleopatra
(Anthony and Cleopatra)

Directed by Enrico Guazzoni

Antonio Novelli ... Marcantonio
Gianna Terribili-Gonzales ... Cleopatra
Ida Carloni Talli ... La strega
Bruto Castellani
Matilde Di Marzio ... La schiava Agar
Ruffo Geri ... Il capo dei congiurati
Elsa Lenard ... Ottavia
Ignazio Lupi ... Ottaviano
Giuseppe Piemontesi

One of the rare early historical dramas imported by George Kleine starring Antonio Novelli.

Based loosely on Shakespeare's play, Plutarch's "Life of Antony", and Pietro Cossa's dramatic poem, "Cleopatra", this movie was spectacular for its time. It offers location shots made in Italy and Egypt, large crowd scenes and lots of emotional drama. The epic love story with impressive sets and crowd scenes.

74 minutes - Organ Score
One of the earliest of the Italian epics available.

This DVD was from an analog transfer done over 20 years ago and the focus is not as sharp as digital transfers. There is also a slight WOW in the sound track sometimes.