The Clutching Hand (1936)

Stars: Jack Mulhall, Ruth Mix, Rex Lease
Director: Albert Herman
Runtime: 305 Minutes
Language: English
Color:  Black and White
Format:  DVD-R (2-Disc)
Rating: NR

Price: $14.95


The Clutching Hand

Directed by Albert Herman

Jack Mulhall
Ruth Mix
Rex Lease
Marion Shilling - Mae Busch - Bryant Washburn
Gaston Glass - Franklyn Farnum - Robert Walker
Jon Hall - Reed Howes - William Farnum
Frank Leigh - George Morrell - Yakima Canutt
Bob Kortman - Robert Frazer - Mahlon Hamilton
Joseph W. Girard - Gordon Griffith - Roger Williams
Knute Erickson - Richard Alexander
Milburn Morante - George Allen - Eugene Burr

A scientist and his formula disappear after he announces that he has discovered how to make synthetic gold. Can reporter Walter Jameson and detective Craig Kennedy save him and themselves from the notorious villain know as The Clutching Hand? Find out in this exciting serial.

15 chapters - 305 Minutes