Ranson's Folly (1926)

Stars: Richard Barthelmess, Dorothy Mackaill, Anders Randolf, Pat Hartigan
Director: Sidney Olcott
Runtime: 78 Minutes
Language: English inter-titles - Orchestra Score
Color:  Black and White
Format:  DVD-R
Rating: NR

Price: $16.95

Ranson's Folly

Directed by Sidney Olcott

Richard Barthelmess ... Lt. Ranson
Dorothy Mackaill ... Mary Cahill
Anders Randolf ... The Post Trader
Pat Hartigan ... Sgt. Clancy
William Bailey ... Lt. Crosby
Brooks Benedict ... Lt. Curtis
C.C. Smith ... Col. Bolland
Pauline Neff ... Mrs. Bolland
Billie Bennett ... Mrs. Truesdale
Frank Coffyn ... Post Adjutant
Hans Joby ... Judge Advocate
Taylor N. Duncan ... Capt. Carr
J.C. Fowler ... Col. Patten
Edward W. Borman ... Pop Henderson
Bud Pope ... Abe Fisher
Forrest Seabury ... Drummer
Chief Eagle Wing ... Indian Pete
Chief John Big Tree ... Chief Standing Bear

Lieutenant Ranson belittles the exploits of a bandit known as "The Red Rider," and boasts to his fellow officers that he could hold up a stagecoach with a pair of scissors. And rides out and to do so. The postmaster, returning from a neighboring town, is also held up and his bodyguard is killed. Ranson is arrested on suspicion and placed on trial.

78 Minutes