Sea Devils - Poppin' the Cork

Stars: Molly O'Day, Edmund Burns, Walter Long, Milton Berle
Director: Joseph Levering / Jack White
Runtime: 57 minutes + 24 minute short
Language: English
Color:  Tinted and Toned / Black and White
Extras: Poppin' the Cork (1933)
Format:  DVD-R
Rating: NR
Price: $9.95

Sea Devils

Directed by Joseph Levering

Molly O'Day ... Ann McCall
Edmund Burns ... Richard Charters
Walter Long ... Johnson the First Mate
Paul Panzer ... Steve the Radio Operator
Henry Otto ... Governor
Ted Stroback
Jules Cowles ... Attorney
James Donnelly ... Captain McCall
William F. Mora

Richard Charters, an innocent but convicted man escapes from a penitentiary and makes his way to the local waterfront, where he stows away upon a treasure hunting crew's sailing vessel. There he meets and falls in love with Ann, played by Molly O'Day. Johnson, (Walter Long) the ship's first mate and villain of the film, is the real murderer and tries to get rid of Charters. 57 Minutes

Poppin’ the Cork

Directed by Jack White

Milton Berle ... Elmer Brown
Norma Taylor ... Gloria Weatherby
Mary Cole ... Vocalist
Gertrude Mudge ... Mrs. Weatherby
Charles Anthony Hughes ... Reginald Manning
Henry King ... Himself, Orchestra Leader
Don Tomkins ... Elmer's Chum

Oxidontal University student editor Elmer Brown is strongly in favor of the movement to repeal Prohibition. He loves the daughter of an ardent prohibitionist; by chicanery, he tries to win Gloria and sell his bottle stopper invention. Some great early Busby Berkeley type musical numbers are a delight to watch. 24 Minutes