The Man from Hell - The Ghost Rider

Stars: Reb Russell, Rex Lease, Ann Darcy, Gabby Hayes, Bobby Nelson, Anna Lee Carroll, Franklyn Farnum
Director: Lewis D. Collins, Jack Jevne
Runtime: 54 Minutes & 55 Minutes
Language: English
Color:  Black and White
Format:  DVD-R (region free)
Rating: NR
Price: $9.95

The Man from Hell

Director: Lewis D. Collins (as Lew Collins)

Reb Russell  ... Clint Mason
Rebel  ... Rebel, his horse
Fred Kohler  ... Mayor Anse McCloud
Ann Darcy  ... Nancy Campbell
George 'Gabby' Hayes  ... Banker Colonel Campbell
Jack Rockwell  ... Marshal Lon Kelly
Charles K. French  ... Blacksmith Sandy
Murdock MacQuarrie  ... Sheriff Jake Klein
Slim Whitaker  ... Mine Owner Tom
Tommy Bupp  ... Timmy McCarrol
Yakima Canutt  ... Yak the Henchman

Clint Mason is back from the hell of prison, after serving time for a crime he insists he didn’t commit. Now he learns the mayor is planning to marry his former girlfriend and a rough man has been appointed Marshal. Clint is going to have his hands full working to clear his name, win back his girl and catch the bad guys. 54 minutes.

The Ghost Rider

Director: Jack Jevne

Rex Lease  ... Dave Danford
Bobby Nelson  ... Bobby Bullard
Anna Lee Carroll  ... Linda Bullard
Franklyn Farnum  ... Jim Bullard
Lloyd Ingraham  ... Rufe Rascomb
Blackie Whiteford  ... Henchman Bull
Eddie Parker  ... Henchman Quirt
Blackjack Ward  ... Henchman Chalky
John Alexander  ... Sheriff Lane
Edward Coxen  ... Dad Burns
Lafe McKee  ... Rancher Zeke
Bill Patton  ... Henchman Max
William Desmond  ... Road crew Guard
Art Mix  ... Road crew Guard

Crooked Rufe Rascomb and his gang of rustlers are living on the stolen Bullard ranch when suddenly they are threatened by a unknown man who demands they surrender the land to Bullard’s children. However Rascomb and his cronies aren’t going anywhere and the tense standoff turns murderous! So its up to the new Deputy, Dave Danford, to sort out what’s really going on. 55 minutes