Fred Church Double Feature

Stars: Fred Church, Kathryn McGuire, Eleanor Blevins, Robert Thurston & True Boardman
Director: Jess Robbins / Robert Eddy
Runtime: 27 minutes & 46 minutes
Language: English subtitles - music score
Color:  Tinted
Format:  DVD-R (region free)
Rating: NR
Price: $16.95

Fred Church Double Feature

Vengeance of Hate
(1924 reissue of the 1913 The End of the Circle)

Director: Jess Robbins

Fred Church  ... The Prospector
Eleanor Blevins  ... His Sweetheart
True Boardman  ... His Rival
Evelyn Selbie  ... The Mexican Girl
Lois Ingraham  ... The Child
Victor Potel, Thomas J. Crizer,
David Kirkland & Slim Padgett

An honest prospector has an unknown rival for his sweetheart and after he proposes the rival is determined to sabotage their happiness and win the girl for his own. His plan is realized once he enlists the aid of the feisty Spanish saloon girl who wants the prospector for herself. 27 minutes

Stacked Cards

Director: Robert Eddy

Fred Church  ... Steve Spencer
Kathryn McGuire  ... Fay Hall
Robert Thurston  ... Zack Miller
John Watson  ... 'Dad' Hall
Artie Ortego  ... 'Poker Face' Pete

Cowboy Steve Spencer is leading the war against the cattle rustlers threatening the ranchers of Granite Basin, but their leader the crafting Zack Miller keeps managing to sidestep capture. Into this mix comes Fay Hall, niece of old 'Dad' Hall, to take over the Half-Moon ranch and Steve will have to keep her save because Miller wants her out of the way so he can claim the ranch for himself. 46 minutes