Hell’s House - Manhattan Tower

Stars: Bette Davis, Pat O'Brien and Junior Durkin / Mary Brian, Irene Rich and James Hall
Director: Howard Higgin / Frank R. Strayer
Runtime: 68 Minutes / 65 Minutes
Language: English
Color:  Black and White
Format:  DVD-R
Rating: NR

Price: $9.95

Hell's House

Director: Howard Higgin

Bette Davis  ... Peggy Gardner
Pat O'Brien  ... Matt Kelly
Junior Durkin  ... Jimmy Mason
Frank Coghlan Jr.  ... Shorty
Emma Dunn  ... Emma Clark
Charley Grapewin  ... Henry Clark
Morgan Wallace  ... Frank Gebhardt
Hooper Atchley  ... Captain of the Guard
Wallis Clark  ... Judge Robinson
James A. Marcus  ... Superintendant Charles Thompson

Young Jimmy Mason has come to live with his aunt and her husband, but when it's obvious they are having money trouble, he decides he must get a job to help out. He seeks the aid of their boarder Mr. Kelly, a slick-dressed, fast-talking hoodlum who dreams of being a big-shot. Innocent and trusting, Jimmy gets himself into bootlegging just in time for a whole heap of trouble! 68 minutes

Manhattan Tower

Director: Frank R. Strayer

Mary Brian  ... Mary Harper
Irene Rich  ... Ann Burns
James Hall  ... Jimmy Duncan
Hale Hamilton  ... David Witman
Noel Francis  ... Marge Lyon
Clay Clement  ... Kenneth Burns
Nydia Westman  ... Miss Wood
Jed Prouty  ... Mr. Hoyt
Billy Dooley  ... Crane-Eaton
Wade Boteler  ... Mr. Ramsay

The Manhattan Tower, a wonder of the modern age, a colossus of 250,000 tons of stone and 60,000 tons of steel, standing 1265 feet tall with 102 stories. A city onto itself, inside revolve the mighty wheels of the business world where 50,000 people work. The hopes and dreams, the successes and failures, the triumphs and defeats of these hard working souls are bound up in the scheming of an unprincipled investor. 65 minutes