Custer's Last Stand (1936)

Stars: Rex Lease, Lona Andre, William Farnum
Director: Elmer Clifton
Runtime: 328 Minutes
Language: English
Color:  Black and White
Format:  Three DVD-R Discs
Rating: NR
Price: $14.95

Custer's Last Stand

Director: Elmer Clifton

Rex Lease  ... Kit Cardigan / John C. Cardigan
Lona Andre  ... Belle Meade
William Farnum  ... James Fitzpatrick
Ruth Mix  ... Elizabeth Custer
Jack Mulhall  ... Lieutenant Cook
Nancy Caswell  ... Barbara Trent
George Chesebro  ... Lieutenant Frank Roberts
Dorothy Gulliver  ... Red Fawn
Frank McGlynn Jr.  ... General George A. Custer
Helen Gibson  ... Calamity Jane
Josef Swickard  ... Major Henry Trent MD
Chief Thundercloud  ... Young Wolf
Reed Howes  ... Tom 'Keen' Blade
Bobby Nelson  ... Bobby Nelson
Robert Walker  ... Henchman Pete

An exciting 15-chapter serial based on the historical events leading up to Custer's Last Fight.  As the historic defeat of General Custer approaches a Sioux medicine man, known as Young Wolf, is trying to recover a lost medicine arrow. He is aided by villain Tom 'Keene' Blade, who is truly interested in the gold hidden in the Sioux spirit cave. Into this mix of trouble comes Army Scout Kid Cardigan who's own father was killed by those hunting the medicine arrow. Enjoy appearances of such Western icons as Calamity Jane, Curly, Buffalo Bill, Wild Bill Hickok, Crazy Horse and Sitting Bull as the tale unfolds.

15-chapters on three discs - 328 minutes.