Lightning Bryce (1919)

Stars: Ann Little, Jack Hoxie and Paul Hurst
Director: Paul Hurst
Runtime: 320 Minutes
Language: English subtitles - music score
Color:  Tinted
Format:  Three DVD-Rs
Rating: NR

Price: $24.95

Lightning Bryce

Director: Paul Hurst

Ann Little  ... Kate Arnold
Jack Hoxie  ... Sky Bryce aka Lightning Bryce
Paul Hurst  ... Powder Solvang
Jill Woodward  ... The Mystery Woman
Steve Clemente  ... Zambleau
Scout  ... Lightning's Horse

Fifteen thrilling chapters assembled from multiple prints to bring you the most complete experience possible!

Lightning Bryce and Kate Arnold are left clues to a treasure by their late fathers. However the villainous Powder Solvang has learned about the treasure and sets out to steal it for himself.

Tinted, 320 minutes, presented on three discs, with a music score by Jack Hardy.