Maciste in Hell (1926)

Stars: Bartolomeo Pagano, Franz Sala
Director: Guido Brignone
Runtime: 68 Minutes
Language: English subtitles - Music score
Color:  Tinted and Toned 35mm nitrate
Format:  DVD-R
Extras: A Bird's A Bird
Rating: NR

Price: $16.95

Maciste in Hell
Maciste all'inferno

Directed by Guido Brignone

Bartolomeo Pagano ... Maciste
Franz Sala ... Barbariccia/Dottor Nox
Elena Sangro ... Proserpina, Pluto's wife
Lucia Zanussi ... Luciferina, Pluto's daughter
Umberto Guarracino ... Pluto
Domenico Serra ... Giorgio
Pauline Polaire ... Graziella
Mario Salo
Andrea Miano ... (uncredited)
Felice Minotti ... (uncredited)

Maciste is the most virtuous man on earth, which worries the devils to no end. So they send their best inducer up to earth to get him into trouble and they have a tough time managing it. Finally, they get Maciste down to hell but because he's so strong he fights all the devils single handedly. Great photography of the scenes in hell.

Transferred from tinted and toned 35mm nitrate Print.
Orchestra / Organ Score by Lou McMahon

Selected Short Subject:

"A Bird's A Bird"

with Chester Conklin