Silent Westerns - Volume #1 (1920-27)

 Stars: Neal Hart, Hoot Gibson, Dick Hatton, Fred Gilman, Yakima Canutt
Director: various
Runtime: 113 Minutes
Language: English subtitles - Music scores
Color:  Black and White (with some tints)
Format:  DVD-R
Rating: NR
Price: $16.95

Five Silent Western Shorts starring many of the early western greats.

Get Your Man (1920)

Directed by George Holt
Cast: Neal Hart .... Buck Wilson

22 Minutes

Fight It Out (1920)

Directed by Albert Russell
Hoot Gibson .... Sandy Adams
Charles Newton .... Duncan McKenna
Jim Corey .... Slim Allen
Dorothy Wood .... Jane McKenna
Ben Corbett .... Henchman

21 Minutes

Battling Travers (1925)

Dick Hatton .... Archie Travers
Alma Bennett .... Arabella Hawkins
Bill Patton .... Bull Durham
Joe Dixon .... Bob Hawkins

26 Minutes

The Ore Raiders (1927)

Directed by William Wyler
Fred Gilman (this appears to be Fred's only surviving film in which he is the star)
Bud Osborne - Barbara Starr

26 Minutes

Ridin' Mad (1924)

Directed by Jacques Jaccard
Yakima Canutt .... Steve Carlson
Lorraine Eason .... Marion Putman
Wilbur McGaugh .... Allen Walker
Helene Rosson .... Ruth Carlson
Annabelle Weenick .... Beth Carlson
Dick La Reno .... Thornton Hawks

18 Minutes