Skybound (1935) - Stunt Pilot (1939)

Stars: Lloyd Hughes, John Trent, Edward J. Nugent, Lona Andre, Marjorie Reynolds, Milburn Stone
Director: Bernard B. Ray / George Waggner
Runtime: 57 Minutes + 62 minutes
Language: English
Color:  Black and White
Format:  DVD-R
Rating: NR
Price: $9.95


Director: Bernard B. Ray

Lloyd Hughes  ... Capt. John Kent
Edward J. Nugent  ... Doug Kent
Lona Andre  ... Teddy Blaine
Grant Withers  ... Chet Morley
Claire Rochelle  ... Marion Kent
John Cowell  ... Clyde Faber
Harry Harvey  ... George Duncan
Sam Lufkin  ... William Saunders
Loren Rowell  ... Maj. Duncan
Mabel Mason  ... Cafe Cashier
Jack Gardner  ... Patrol Flyer
Robert Dillon  ... Patrol Flyer
Jack Cheatham  ... Joe - Patrol Flyer
John Fox Stone  ... Patrol Flyer
Jerry Rousseau  ... Patrol Flyer

Captain John Kent leads the Flying Air Patrol that tireless guards the boarder against smugglers and criminals. But the smugglers have a plot using the sultry Teddy Blaine to recruit John's younger brother Doug, a hot-shot pilot, to give them an edge over the Air Patrol! 57 minutes.

Stunt Pilot

Director: George Waggner

John Trent  ... Tailspin Tommy Tompkins
Marjorie Reynolds  ... Betty Lou Barnes
Milburn Stone  ... 'Skeeter' Milligan
Jason Robards Sr.  ... Paul Smith
Pat O'Malley  ... Sheehan
George Meeker  ... Earl Martin
Wesley Barry  ... Glenn
George Cleveland  ... Sheriff
John Daheim  ... Tex
Tod Sterling  ... Charlie
Mary Field  ... Ethel
Buddy Cox  ... Bobby
Forrest Taylor  ... Doctor
David Newell  ... Radio Operator
Carleton Young  ... Reporter Trent

Tailspin Tommy, while working as a stunt pilot on a war film, quits due to the film's director disregard for safety. But the film company brings in a reckless hot-shot pilot, Earl Martin and begins to tempt Tommy's pal Skeeter into a risky aerial stunt. 62 minutes